Whenever you have the data, you need to find proper insights from that. How does this sound when you think about the fact that – ‘Now, you can talk to your data’, ’you can search your queries through voice assistance or just by entering your query in search bar’, ‘get data insights to generate fascinating interactive visualizations’...........Continued

Companies in nearly every industry are feeling the heat from more observant and often less loyal consumers. Therefore, the current businesses should have a careful and comprehensive understanding of their customers to get a hold of them, grow them, and sustain them... ........Continued

BDB integrated Mito-Plot Chart into its charting library. It’s a very advanced chart which is based on mitochondrial DNA study. This chart can be used by the medical expert to provide data visualization of person-specific mitochondrial DNA damage through the BDB data visualization (Data label & Tool-tip).. ........Continued

With the steep rise of data volume, the need for data analytics has shot up. Businesses rely on analytical presentation to turn the mountainous amount of data into actionable insights. The Analytics Platform needs a sharp component library to generate significant data insights. A powerful and penetrating Visualization layer lets you explore the transformed business data visually to identify patterns.........Continued

Powerful data exploration and analytics techniques like Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence have directed contemporary users to process their data in faster, cheaper, and a better form. ........Continued

Gartner defines a Citizen Data Scientist (CDS) as "a person who creates or generates models that leverage Predictive or Prescriptive Analytics but whose primary job function is outside of the field of statistics and analytics". In next 5 years a company will need 10X number of Citizen Data Scientists if they need X number of Data Scientists ........Continued

In today’s era businesses needs accurate and appropriate information to help organizations to make the right decision. Finance plays a significant role in growing the business, it’s an important business function that can help in developing the business strategy for future........Continued

BDB’s AI-driven architecture seamlessly converts your raw business data into the analytics-ready data sets. BDB Decision Platform has an end to end functionalities starting from data ingestion to insights discovery that makes it a one-stop solution for users to deal with all their data related queries........Continued

Data insights are reliant on speed, accuracy, and display. BDB Platform excels in all the three aspects as it can load vast amount of data at unbelievable speed with at most accuracy ......Continued

Our world is flooded with data wherein providing precise and relevant information becomes challenging. Dashboards being the powerful visual.....Continued

BDB’s innovative Data Search Bar is an NLP based advanced data exploration technique that will amaze the users for its seamless performance while bringing user queried data within a few clicks. .....Continued

With time passing by, marketing has evolved from a creatively viewed mere cost center to a highly measurable analytical function......Continued

World population is predicted to rise from 7 billion now to 9.6 billion by 2050 and around 11 billion by 2100. The result of this would cause increasing urbanization, environmental degradation, climatic changes and scarcity of all basic needs including food to feed our next generation.....Continued

With the advent of fast-paced data-driven technology, higher education sector is in the need of sea-change to be more prolific and cost-effective.....Continued

The Information Technology (IT Industry) has been the backbone of multiple business and industries like manufacturing, retail, banking and so on.....Continued

"The use of data and analytics in general is going to be a basis of competition going forward. Those companies that are able to use data effectively are more likely to win in the marketplace" ....Continued

Retailers around the globe are now facing challenges in different forms by the way millennials shop. One day delivery, Ease return policies, Discounts, and Easy checkout ....Continued

The most awaited cricket season of the year is here for all the Cricket fans, we at BDB want to boost your experience of IPL 2018 by adding an analytical insight to the entire tournament which is not available on other cricket websites. ....Continued

BDB Business Story liberates the analysts from the complex data modeling and processing to focus on the core aspects of an interactive data visualization tool- data analysis and customization to extract its relevant value. The BDB Business story denotes a self-service model of BI that mesmerizes the front-line ....Continued

As the role of the finance function continues to become more complex, proactive CFOs are recognizing that obtaining a real-time view of all business operations is no longer “nice to have,” but imperative. Gone are the days of living and dying by the spreadsheet, and waiting for monthly or even yearly ....Continued

Our Client is a food franchise company that delivers meals to kids and families wherever they learn and play. Each kitchen is an independently owned and operated franchise, managed by a local business person who manages the production and distribution of nutritious meals for children and families within their community. ....Continued

BDB stands for Big Data Visualization. The idea of naming our company as BDB came to our mind, when we had the concept of product which gives 360 degrees analysis of data and at the same time considering data from social media to your very own transactional system ....Continued

Rightly said, “Change is one Constant” and in the quest for the same “BDB” has gone in a complete make over with Release 3.0 Version release and came out as “BDB” aka Big Data BDB. We have come up with our new Website , New Logo and with exciting features like Data Preparation, Big Data Pipeline Integration etc. ....Continued

Managing your ROI for Big Data Deployment.A glut of tools and software in big data analytics has created an “echo chamber” of commoditized features. This glut has dominated discussions regarding the ‘what’ and ‘how’ to deploy big data solutions within companies ....Continued

BDB is excited to announce the general availability of version 2.5 of our industry-leading data analytics platform. As we launch the latest version of BDB, I wanted to give you a high-level overview of the BDB platform ....Continued

On a recent listening trip to Asia-Pacific, an interesting sub-text to many of my conversations was, that most of my counterparts were not impressed with Big-Data or even Data Analytics!! Everyone has access to Big-Data and Data Analytics ....Continued

In the classic Analytics space we have either Analytics based companies where people do algorithmic crunching and share the findings as a white paper where the findings are dead after some time. ....Continued

This phase included collection of data from the various websites like etc. for our various analytic purposes. This stared with scraping of data using WEB Scrapping, from different websites ....Continued

BDB is a unique BI platform that was built to give users better knowledge and insight into their business. It enables users to assemble data from multiple structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources. ....Continued

Create your Business Story in 10 mins! You can now visualise other's designs in your own way plus add your data visualisation to it. Push your excel data in BDB Cube to create your own Story. ....Continued

BDB 2.0 is all set to launch its ground breaking feature 'Business Story'. This line may arise many questions into your mind, if you are actually reading it. Some of them can be, Why Story'? Can there be a 'Business Story'? ....Continued