AI-based Self-Service BI Platform

by Nikita Agrawal

Figure: 1(a)

Streamline your path to data-driven Insights

BDB’s AI-driven architecture seamlessly converts your raw business data into the analytics-ready data sets. BDB Decision Platform has an end to end functionalities starting from data ingestion to insights discovery that makes it a one-stop solution for users to deal with all their data related queries.

Data Ingestion is a process of propelling your data to an environment where it is cleansed and transformed, to fit further analysis. Ingest your structured or unstructured data through BDB’s multiple Data Sources like Excel, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, and PDF.

Data Cleansing & Transformation - It is a process of removing invalid data and converting it from one format to another. This method improves data consistency and makes data processing easier. With BDB’s Data Cleansing & Transformation tool, perform statistical profiling, identify outliers and detect anomalies using ML.

Visualize & Analyze - Drag and Drop data dimensions and measures, Use Text & Voice based responsive Data Search queries to create fluid visuals on the fly. Dive deeper into your data to conceptualize hidden trends by asking critical questions through Voice Assistance. Empower your self-service BI reports with easy to gain insights even when on the go to increase overall business productivity.

Figure: 1(b)

Data Ingestion, Cleansing & Transformation

Ingest structured, semi-structured or unstructured data from various data sources; Perform statistical profiling; remove non-essential data; fix inconsistencies; apply several transformation techniques to analyze and recognize your data set.

  1. Data Profiling / Sampling
  2. Data Cleansing / Quality
  3. Data Integration
  1. Data Reduction / Modification
  2. Data Transformation

Self Service BI capabilities

  1. Drag & Drop Interface
  2. Customize chart types and Properties
  3. Web socket Integration
  4. Custom Calculated Measures
  5. Integration with R, NN
  1. Collaboration Features
  2. Robust Filter Panel
  3. Explore Millions of Rows in a Flash
  4. Intuitive UX & Data Search
  5. Export Options & Alerts

AI-based BI Report

Enhance Self-service Report by AI-based Search

Data Discovery
Access a user-oriented process, for detecting patterns and actionable insights. The goal is to make messy and scattered data clean and comprehensible.

Data Inquiry
Examine different slices of data and hone their inquiry while inspecting data. This process generates a sequence of queries on the underlying data sets.

Explore your transformed business data visually to identify patterns & relationships through BDB’s rich charting library.

Since the data set can be huge in volume, there needs to be a mechanism to get the pertinent and significant information. Data summarization techniques aim to produce summaries, saving time and resources. Techniques like Context Sensitive Aggregate Engine, clustering, bucketing for histograms, linear regression etc. are used.

Conversational Analytics on Mobile

Our NLP based AI driven voice assistance lets you drill deeper into your data and create a complete visual report without even using your fingers. Users can even customize the search to reflect jargon of their organization via adding 'Synonyms' to the data search library. Intuitive search Autocompletes the user query while the user types. Data can be filtered up to desired level of granularity. Now, typing a search query is supported in Mobile.

BDB empowers users in making rational business decisions by giving them deep business insights in seconds. Access your data anytime and anywhere from your system or mobile (Android or iOS) by asking queries via text or speech.