Filter Saver Functionality in the BDB Dashboard Designer

by Aparna Singh

Our world is flooded with data wherein providing precise and relevant information becomes challenging. Dashboards being the powerful visual medium delivering data insights, require careful and sorted information to be presented to the viewers. Filters can be one of the ways to meticulously provide accurate information which can be reused then as per the need.

BDB Dashboard Designer

The BDB Dashboard Designer is a web browser-based application used to build dashboards and design analytics vividly. It is preloaded with a wide range of charts, design features, and data integration capabilities that empower the users to create useful and appealing visual representations of their data.

Introducing the BDB Dashboard Filter Saver Component

As they say, “Great dashboards are clear, intuitive, customizable, less complex providing a clear yet appealing visual just a click away.” Our BDB Dashboard Designer falls in this category of the highly applauded tool and in its journey towards being one of the best in this range it has come up with the ‘Save Filter’ functionality.

Filtering makes it easier to analyze your dashboard in a better way. Users can gain new insights and understand how different variables are related.

  1. BDB Dashboard users can easily apply a filter and save the criteria for the future use so that there is no need to choose the filter values repeatedly from scratch.
  2. Users can create, modify, and delete filter criteria while on the go using their mobile devices.
  3. Users can add any number of filters and save them with proper criteria names which can be reused in the future without selecting the same filter values again.
  4. All the saved filters will be listed in a single window view to choose them easily.
Exploring the Filter Saver

The entire process of saving a new filter is accessible and user-friendly in BDB Dashboards.

  1. Select the filter variables along with desired values to be filtered based on each connector, and click on the ‘Save Filter’ option
  2. Give the desired criteria name to the filter by using the ‘Add Criteria’ tab from the ‘Filter Saver’ window
  3. Click the ‘Save’ option if wish to save it for the future use
  4. After creating a filter, the user can quickly view all the filters under the ‘Criteria List’ tab
  5. Users can apply a saved criterion by clicking the ‘Checkmark’ ✔ provided next to the saved Criteria.
  6. The users can remove the added criteria with a single click via the ‘Criteria List’ tab by selecting the ‘Close’ option.
  7. Choose ‘Yes’ from the ‘Delete Criteria’ window to confirm deletion of the selected saved criteria.

BDB Dashboard users can now create and publish splendid visuals using the ‘Save Filter’ functionality. Users and Decision makers can display the appropriate information to be more precise about their business planning without repeating the same filtering steps each time they return to a dashboard.