BDB Platform: Big Data Analytics in Higher Education

by Shraddha Bhati

With the advent of fast-paced data-driven technology, the higher education sector needs sea-change to be more prolific and cost-effective. Higher Ed Organisation needs to make sure that with the completion of the degree, aspects of social mobility, economic growth, and community development are also achieved.  With so much hustle going around, there is a crucial requirement of intelligent data-informed decision making.

Fig. 1 - Education Analytics Platform by BDB

We are smack-dab in the middle of an analytics revolution. Data analytics has evolved from a buzzword into a multibillion-dollar business, and it has begun to permeate every sector of industry out there. Institutes of Higher Education are analyzing their students and alumni, teachers and other supporting staff, financial and personal data to create reporting solutions with dashboards to help them better leverage their source system data and to make their organizations more resourceful, and ultimately more successful through implementing data visualization & analytics solutions.

Big Data Analytics :

The term 'big data' means voluminous, complex data sets - structured semi-structured and unstructured that can be mined and processed to uncover useful business insights. As Gartner quotes that the term ‘Big Data Analytics’ is denoted to describe statistical and mathematical data analysis that clusters, segments, scores, and predicts what scenarios are most likely to happen by exploiting huge mounds of internally generated and externally available data (Big Data). However, generating analytics which fulfills business objectives, measures performance, reduces program budgets through real-time insights and prescribes better decision-making capability from multiple scattered sources is the crux of the matter.

An EDUCAUSE survey confirms that institutions of higher education are aware of the potential of data analytics. In more than two-thirds of retorting institutions (69%), data analytics was viewed as a chief priority for at least some departments, units, or programs; 28% reported that data analytics is a foremost priority for the entire institution.

Challenges: Following are some of the observed barriers to higher ed analytics implementation

  1. Lack of the data infrastructure
  2. Lack of data integration from multiple sources
  3. Lack of analytical tools for ad-hoc analysis
  4. Recruitment and retention challenges
  5. Ongoing budget pressures and scarce resources

Designed for Higher Ed Organizations, BDB Platform is a business intelligence platform that integrates and consolidates data from your enterprise administrative software solution and delivers you advanced analytics through dynamic visualizations with a 360-degree view of your data. The solution is deployable on a private or hybrid cloud. These dynamic visualizations – easy-to-understand speedometers, graphs, tables, and alerts – highlight trends, expose problems and offer valuable insight with a robust capability to drill down to detailed report anytime, anywhere whether it be web-browser / mobile / iPad. Various dashboards and customized reports can be created by our self-service BI tool which can yield the following outputs:

  1. Target Student Scholarships
  2. Improve Admissions ROI
  3. Identify At-Risk Students
  4. Track Attendance
  5. Evaluate Curriculum
  6. Identify Key Donors and Investors
  7. Save on Operations

Fig.2: Sample Dashboard Image giving a 360-degree view of academic data

With the various plug-ins, NLP, machine learning, predictive workbench, self-service BI, BDB generates academic analytics that can improve teaching effectiveness and student outcomes by implementing analytics for recruitment, retention, social media sentiment while maximizing operational efficiency by providing actionable insights about financial performance and institutional advancement.

The platform builds analytics on historical information viewed from multiple perspectives and breaks the vicious cycle of poor university financial standing and low student retention and hence directly translating into the commercial success of the academic organization.

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