Impact of Big data Analytics platform on Agriculture Industry

by Jeya Mani Maran

World population is predicted to rise from 7 billion now to 9.6 billion by 2050 and around 11 billion by 2100. The result of this would cause increasing urbanization, environmental degradation, climatic changes and scarcity of all basic needs including food to feed our next generation.

It's already time to double the amount of food production to feed the 9 billion people in the coming 30 years. But agricultural sector today is bombarded with various uncontrollable factors which make it tougher for farmers.

This humongous task of improving the crop yield to increase production is only feasible with the help of technology in the agricultural industry. Smart farming techniques combined with Big Data Analytics and other emerging processes like IoT-enabled farming with the help of sensors, use of drones and drip irrigation methods are clearly set to revolutionize agriculture sector in the coming decades.

Throughout these years, farming has been modernized with the help of different technological advancements. Big Data is now revolutionizing the agriculture industry across the globe and helping farmers make data-driven & informed decisions on improving productivity with better farming practices and forecasting. By tracking and analysing various attributes like Weather, Monsoon behaviour, groundwater scarcity, Soil conditions, Labour & Machinery costs, and Pests management optimized decisions can be made at all phases of farming.

Our BDB platform will help agriculture industry giants like Agri Data Providers, Research Institutions, Pesticides and Irrigation experts to seamlessly pull data from multiple sources to analyse, compare and set benchmarks.

Data Analytics platform like ours will help you analyse huge volumes of data on various factors like Crop health, Soil nutrients, Pest control, Water & energy optimization, Forecasting Agri commodity prices ahead of the seasons, Profitability Analysis and so on. Our predictive models can identify best farming practices to gain maximum output from the crops using advanced machine learning algorithms.

If you are an Agriculture data provider who wants to collect data, our BDB Survey tool will help you collect and analyse data in real-time on our BDB platform.

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