BDB Data Insights

by Aparna Singh

Whenever you have the data, you need to find proper insights from that.

How does this sound when you think about the fact that – 'Now, you can talk to your data', 'you can search your queries through voice assistance or just by entering your query in search bar', ‘get data insights to generate fascinating interactive visualizations’.

Here comes BDB Platform with its new feature in BDB Search i.e. BDB Data Insights

BDB’s Automated Data Insights, is an intelligent solution that uses unsupervised machine learning to makes it possible for information to be found in a way that is resource-efficient and makes that information available to the user in the right context for the respective business case. This feature allows the user to select any data attribute and find what is the key drivers for that attribute.

Let’s see how does BDB Data Insights work

Firstly, you need to Ingest Data from Data Centre Module, where in you fetch data from Data Connector and create Data Store. Once data store creation is done, Create Business Story and select the data store and go to view design

After selecting the data store, you can drag and drop the dimensions and measures and can see any kind of data and save the insights to story.

Go to data store Information and click on icon BDB data insights which starts generating insights around your data, at backend.

To view the insights generated from BDB Data Insights, just go back and click on data insights icon

It will list down all the key fields related to that data set in the order of importance. Here, you can see in the given dataset, Skills has been identified as an important key field then followed by designation, team, Gender etc.

It gives you all the information related to those fields, as in Skill it states that it’s a dimension with 132 unique values, what is the most common skills, additional stack details, top 5 skills by Total MonthlyCTC, Average MonthlyCTC, count of skills by team, designation etc. and you can directly pin these results to your story.

It gives you the basic information related to your data, which can be used in your story as well. In the same manner you can see the insights related to different fields designation, team, gender etc.

BDB Data Insights helps you to get basic understanding of your data in form of visualization, which you do not want to miss while generating insights manually.