Visualize Millions of Data Records in less than 5 seconds using BDB Platform

by Nikhil M

Data insights are reliant on speed, accuracy, and display. BDB Platform excels in all the three aspects as it can load vast amount of data at unbelievable speed with at most accuracy and represent it as stunning visuals immediately unleashing actionable insights.

BDB has applied the following set of standard optimization protocols to achieve a mind-blowing speed of less than 5 seconds in visualizing data consisting of millions of data records.

Understanding Data

The commencing step in this process was to know data. A better understanding of data helped us in segregating the fact tables spanning several million records into various aggregated tables. We loaded millions of records in the fact table at regular intervals.

Normalizing Tables

We created aggregated tables using SQL functionalities and normalized them accordingly, which were used to fetch data using backend queries in our Dashboard Designer tool reducing the overall query load-time.

Table Indexing
  1. The queries written in the backend were optimized avoiding unnecessary joins and redundant statements. Do not keep unnecessary fields if not required.
  2. Tables were indexed appropriately, keeping the proper data type and length for each field.
Stacking Essential Components and Connections
  1. We avoided the unnecessary components insertion in the dashboard, use only essential components to keep the dashboard light weighted which in turn can help to load it faster.
  2. We Loaded only required connections in the landing page of the dashboard, not all of them. Loading all the connections at once can take more loading time.
Caching Mechanism

The caching mechanism of BDB Platform helped in loading only the required metrics and removing the unwanted service calls which helped the dashboard with overall load time.

Server Location

The proximity of the server is one factor that could help us gain the required speed in data loading. The closeness of the server to the user location could reduce latency by aiding in the faster response time. Thus, keeping the server closer to the client location is always an advantage.

Customized Configuration

BDB Platform’s customized configuration helped in allotting CPU memory of the nodes dynamically based on its usage that enabled us to achieve a quicker response time of the dashboard.

  1. Optimal server configuration: 8 Core CPU 64 GB RAM