In Conversation With Avin Jain, Founder & CEO BDB(Big Data BizViz)

by Avin Jain, Founder & CEO

Q. Who is Avin Jain?

Hi, I am Avin Jain. I am an IITian, and had passed 22 years ago. Three years back, I created this company, Big Data BizViz.

Q. BDBizViz – What does the name stand for? How did it come to your mind?

Bizviz stands for Big Data Visualization. The idea of naming our company as Bizviz came to our mind, when we had the concept of product which gives 360 degrees analysis of data and at the same time considering data from social media to your very own transactional system for every sort of business data.

Q. Why did you build Big Data BizViz?

I am an accidental entrepreneur. At first, we created a consulting company on SAP Business Objects. Later, we concluded that it wasn’t ready for the Big Data world, following which, we interacted with our valuable customers, as we were willing to create a platform which provides an all-inclusive- predictive – Big Data analytics, and an equally effective business visualization of ever streaming data sourcing from data ingestion layer.

Q. Being a Data Analytics Product Company what has been your core Strengths and Challenges?

“Strengths”, I think the core team is the biggest strength. I came with on hand experience of more than 10 years in the Business Intelligence. The team was clear about what they wanted to build and at the same time, they had a very strong experience of BI business. “Challenges…yes, definitely” Our first challenge out of many was the initial struggle to find developers who could write a full proof code with minimum iterations. Another was finance, as chasing a dream of creating this advanced tool required funds. I guess these were some of the biggest challenges that we faced.

Q. Why is BDBizViz different from several other products in the Industry?

It has a Big Data Pipeline architecture which provides you with Data-Ingestion Layer, Meta Data Management, Data Layer etc. It has a very strong compute layer with all types of predictive analytics capability. It has a robust analytics and visualization layer and all of this comes in single install at a very affordable price.

Q. What is your dream and vision for Big Data BizViz?

BDB Platform integrates data and analytics into every walk of your organization, pedestalled on our vision to induct analytics in every walk of your life. Our vital aspiration has always been to awaken our customers with the conceptual tool which generates analytical reports, visuals out of their day to day living and if this tends to happen, then the scopes are endless.

Q. How has your journey been, especially in the last three years?

It's surreal. In three years, I have nearly seen all types of emotions around me. It was very difficult. ‘Difficult’ may be an easy word here, but it tested us in all the aspects, right from our relationships. It tested the strength of the team bonding, how employees feel about the product and company, whether there was enough ability in us to go through or we should call it off there and then. It has been a tremendously difficult journey partly because we were creating everything in India and the market to sell it was outside it; especially, the restaurant world was really tough. With all these odds finally, we could do it. We created our dream product and we could sell it to multiple customers by now, this makes us happy and provides a reason to smile.

Q. How do you think BDB is impacting the Businesses around the world?

BizViz is a great platform to integrate with enterprise applications and give pervasive BI and Analytics. It offers entirely different and fresh option to all the enterprise customers. We have already done for couple of the enterprises. We can say that every third American will be using our analytics in a few years from now.

Q. Do you have any advice for the Industry?

As Gartner states, don’t build your analytics integrated with an analytics platform, but focus on creating your unique algorithms for your businesses. That’s why BizViz is the right option. I would suggest that you integrate to a platform like BizViz to avail seamless analytics for yourself and your audience.