Analytics Via Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

BDB.AI Platform comes with integrated algorithms from R, Spark ML, Python, Keras + Tensorflow for Data Scientist & Citizen Data Scientist to use to create Algorithmic workflows, Prescriptive flows to give Recommendation to businesses. Apart from using standard libraries, there is a provision to write Custom Algorithms in R, Spark ML (Scala), Python and add to your workflows. It also gives Neural Network Workspace using Keras High Level APIs and Tensor flow packages, which can be leveraged with Real Time data and Event driven data to give Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Sentiment Analytics, Image Analytics and Video analytics is something that users can expect to achieve using NN Workbench. BDB data science team works on many verticals and keeps on adding more refined Algorithms and Models to the Pre-Packaged Models.

What is BDB.AI ?


Using our AI Workbench, once the models have been successfully trained, These models can be deployed into our BDB pipeline for production consumption and real time analytics. Accurately, calculate the recommendations at run-time and communicate immediately. Our intuitive plug and play application helps you get started in minutes. So, BDB-AI is here to assist you for all your AI/ML based advanced Analytics.

Elements of BDB.AI


BDB Predictive Work Bench provides a seamless integration with R providing wide variety of statistical (linear and nonlinear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering etc.) and charting libraries through a drag and drop based panel.



Integration with SparkML providing functionalities for common learning algorithms - classification, regression, clustering, and collaborative filtering and various transformation for harnessing insights from big data analytics use cases.



Create/Train/Test Neural networks using Keras+Tensorflow, perform a variety of ML tasks using Scikit learn.


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