Modern Unified Integrated Data Analytics Platform

  • Data Ingestion –from Multiple Data Sources – Real Time, Batch, Micro batch
  • Understand, Clean and Enrich the data using Data Prep Module + Custom Python Scripts
  • The Data is saved into Multiple Zone of any kind of Data Lake (Paid or Mongo DB or ClickHouse)
  • Data Science Lab is used to Build, Upload, Modify, Manage the Various AI/ML models
  • Data Science Components being called in Data Pipeline to give seamless MLOPs
Fits in Budget | Scale with Usage | E2E & Flexible

One Platform for all Analytical Use Cases

  • Enterprises
  • SME (SaaS)

125+ Customers across

10+ Different Verticals

Deployed on BDB Platform

Global Customers

Different Verticals

Automobile Analytics

  • Sentiment Analytics (twitter and web) with Correlation of Sentiments and Sales 
  • Connected Cars, Hybrid Car – Driver Behavior, Driver Score Cards 
  • Real time plotting of Car data on Open Street Maps 
  • General Administration, Finance and Usage related dashboards
  • Insights on – Fuel Consumption, Trip details, Route Details, Drive Behavior on Trips
  • Real Time Reporting/ Analytics/ Dashboards on very large Data Volume in
  • 100’s of TB’s. 
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  • Customer 360
  • Instore Analytics
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Overall Store Analytics
  • Franchise based Store Analytics in different Languages
  • E-Commerce Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Sales Forecasting (5000 SKUs, 2000 Distributors)
  • Market Basket
  • Price Elasticity
  • Markdown Analytics
  • Reverse Retails Analytics
  • Restaurant Analytics
  • Basic Big Data, Sentiment, Social Media, Video Analytics
  • Airport Travel Retail Analytics
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  • Strategic plan dashboards for leadership team
  • Academic dashboards
  • To analyze performance of cohorts
  • Identify correlations between admission tests, high school grades with performance (semester GPA) of students at university
  • Data insights to highlight hidden trends and patterns in data
  • Standardizing and digitalizing advisory and internal reports for Board meetings and organization wide usage
  • Administering and analysis of Professional Learning activities of University admins / staff / faculty, research projects and other initiatives
  • Admissions
  • Finance/Financial Modeling and Simulation
  • Student attrition/ Student Insights
  • Outplacement analysis
  • Bus Route Optimization
  • Class Room Optimization
  • Sports Analytics in K12
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  • Churn Analytics
  • Customer 360 Analysis
  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Sentiment Analytics
  • Funnel Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Network Optimization Analytics
  • IOT Fraud – POS Analytics
  • Business Operations Analytics
  • Data Monetization Analytics
  • KYC Analytics – Authentication

360° Customer Analytics

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Analytics and Buying Patterns
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Customer Churn using Survival Analysis
  • Survey Based Analysis
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Relative Performance
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Sponsorship Analytics through BDB Image/ Video AI
  • Social media Analytics o Campaign Analytics o Sentiment Analytics

Utilities, Manufacturing and Industrial IOT​

  • Alerts & Monitoring (Oil & Gas)
  • Data Extraction (PDF) & Analytics
  • Smart Meter Analytics (Solar)
  • Plant Analytics (Solar)
  • DG Set IOT Analytics
  • Connected Cars/DG Set/Oil n Gas Equipment/Manufacturing Equipments

Media & Entertainment

  • Churn Analytics
  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Sentiment Analytics
  • Funnel Analytics
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Network Optimization Analytics
  • IOT Fraud – POS Analytics
  • Business Operations Analytics
  • Data Monetization Analytics
  • KYC Analytics – Authentication

Health Care and Insurance ​

  • Insurance Fraud Analytics
  • Insurance Claim Analytics
  • Patient Summary Reports
  • Hospital Analytics
  • Healthcare Survey and related Analytics​

Banking and Financial Services

  • Balance Sheets & basic Financial Analytics
  • Credit card scoring model
  • Big Data Analytics Framework for Banking Industry
  • Web based Analytics application for small banks
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BDB Partner Ecosystem

E2E Data & Analytics Platform

Data center

Offer seamless integration with over 60+ data connectors such as RDBMS, Big Data, flat files, APIs, and more, allowing you to generate and publish datasets, create data stores and metadata, and use data as an API.

Data Preparation

Automatically generate a data profile, statistical information, and patterns of your data, and perform a multitude of transformation steps to clean, optimize, and transform your data for better insights. Gives you deeper understanding and better decision-making capabilities from your data.

Data Pipeline

Platform supports 65+ distinct components, including Reader, Producer, Consumer, ML, Scripting, and more. Ingest, Transform, Enrich, and Load stationary or streaming data from diverse sources to a target destination, building complex data pipelines that handle various data formats and structures.

Data Science

Create customized scripts and machine learning models, utilizing the power of neural networks and AI without writing a line of code. Load dataset in AutoML tool and generate intuitive and interactive predictive models. Streamline the deployment of your scripts and models to improve business operations with our seamless platform.

Data Visualization

Grow your business with insightful & interactive business reports and advanced dashboards. Self-service Reporting helps get quick insights through simple drag-and-drop capabilities, while designer help to create advanced, governed dashboards with extensibility features. Provides over 100 built-in components including charts, grids, filters, Maps, and more.

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