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Discover and Analyze customer feedback from various Social Media/E-commerce channels

Our SMB platform provides a common launchpad for Searching, Collating, and Analyzing Social Media data - A comprehensive solution for you to input your search term, fetch relevant data from various social media/e-commerce sites and visualize the overall sentiments, moods, and diverse other Analytical KPIs delivered via our BDB dashboards.

Empower your Social Media with BDB SMB

Social Media Search

Collate relevant tweets out there in the Twitterati world. Analyze the voluminous data collected from various models. Get positive, negative, and neutral sentiments out of your expressive texts. Identify your major Social Media Influencers.

Social Media Search
Quick Product Search
  • Search the desired content from an e-commerce website by entering the appropriate keywords in the product search page. Gather time bound reviews about your sought-after products from popular e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Team-BHP and perform Competitor Analytics to get the best deal.
Product Search Page
Scheduler and Monitoring
  • Schedule ‘Search’ for your looked-for products based on your requirements. Monitor the data-fetching process in real-time. Analyze your data with JAVA and MySQL based technologies. Avail innovative technologies like Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and Apache Cassandra to aid into your big data environments.
Scheduler and Monitoring
    Analytics Dashboard
  • Get a complete picture of how your search will appear on the BDB Dashboards featuring multiple charting elements to visualize your searched data. Get focused analysis by analyzing feedback based on specific people, brands, and ad campaigns. Come up with effective marketing strategies by monitoring your business ad-campaigns.
Dashboard Analytics

Social-Media Browser Features


Identify the effectiveness of your product.

Use Social Media insights to plan future products and promotions.

Discover key-factors that are important for your organization’s growth.

Locate the most suitable employable candidates.

Simplified Management

Obtain appropriate business objective and honest product feedback.

Security Compliance

Grow and enhance your business reputation.

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