Access all the information you need to make better and faster decisions

Use best-in-class mobile app with touch-optimized reports and dashboards to securely access essential business information at the tap of your fingers. Drag and drop the desired dimensions and measures to instantly generate a view. Apply multiple filters to explore your vision through the assembled piles of data. Manage your business data by organizing the collection of insightful reports in folders and documents.

Conversational Analytics

Interact with your mobile app and instantly get the visual reports prepared for you. Let your voice command drill-down to the deeper granularity of data with our AI-enabled responsive search. Add your query results to update your overall business story with more profound data insights.


Share & Collaborate

Share dashboards or reports with other users and user groups by a single click on the Mobile App. Every component, as well as the entire dashboard can be shared and downloaded separately.

Easy Navigation

BDB’s Conversational Analytics and AI-based-Search

Accelerate daily decision making for Business users by allowing them to ask questions about their data.

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Features Optimized for Every Mobile Device

User Interface
Interactive User Interface
Data Exploration
Intuitive Data Exploration
Fluid Viewing
Fluid Viewing
AI Search
AI enabled Search
Security Compliant
Business Story
Business Story creation

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