Data Connectors

Extract and consolidate live data from a wide range of data sources that start from an Excel File and go up to a Data Store or Predictive service in a single dashboard. Drill-down into the data to visualize recurrent trends and get quick insights into your data along with predictions.

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Import Custom Component

Alter the look and feel of all your dashboards at your wish without changing the chart that you used for analyzing data. We support custom components based on your domain to visualize the data for improved understanding. You can keep your company or customer branding identity on the personalized dashboards for your business.

Bizviz dashboard designer

Leaflet Map to Plot Geospatial Datasets

Get relevant insights into Geospatial data through the Leaflet Map analyzing the Region, State, City, and even streetwise position coordinates. Streamline the progress of Geospatial Analytics with the radial search.

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Mobile, Tablet View of the Dashboard

Customizable layouts to view the interactive dashboards from different types of devices, like phones, tablets, and desktops making the data insights accessible all the time for our users.

Bizviz dashboard designer

Advanced Charts

Extensive charting library to create animated and richly interactive visual analytics exploring your business data in the most simplified way. Transform your business data into the dazzling assets by changing the data outlook.

Bizviz dashboard designer

Custom Data-Tips and Data Label Support

Brief information about the data points and data labels conveying proper understanding can be added to complement the charts.

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Powerful Scripting SDK

SDK methods help to achieve the different functionalities in the dashboard as per the Customer needs. We can enhance the overall look and feel of dashboards through custom scripts and project your data visualization the way you wish.

Bizviz dashboard designer

Filter Savers by users

Add various ‘Criteria’ serving as filters and save them for the future dashboard viewers to provide them with a unique insight into the displayed data. Users can extract quick insights without indulging in the pain of selecting the same set of filters repeatedly.

Bizviz dashboard designer

Dashboard Designer Fact Features


Beta Version Launched in Jan.


Tool Used by BI developer


Live Dashboards Delivered


Deployed for 100+ Direct Customers and 500+ Indirect Customers.


Charts, Grids, Filters, Infographics.


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