Empower Business Users to Explore Data and Discover Actionable Insights in Seconds

Have you ever searched for information on Google?

Our AI-driven ‘Search’ makes you experience data insight discovery just like that. Type relevant data query or use voice command to gain direct data insights. Once you get the desired data information, pin it to your dashboard, change your visualization or re-arrange views without much external IT assistance. The intuitive visualization builder helps Business users to analyze data using simple drag and drop functionality.

Empower Business Users with Self-Service BI

Business Story enables business users to build analytical visuals within a few minutes and consume data insights instantly. Users have complete control over branding, styling, and personalizing the visuals. Apply click-based interaction between multiple charts to generate comparative insights across your data.

Intuitive Data Search

Experience intuitive data search with our AI-driven ‘Search’ that lets you explore your data up to any granularity and helps to get a deeper understanding out of it. Type or ask your data related query to explore your data. Get quick results to your data query like Siri or Google Assistance on a desktop or via a mobile app. Pin your search results to your self-service dashboards and re-arrange them to get hidden data insights.

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Explore your Data in Seconds!

Create enriching views within a few seconds using our intuitive view builder. Alter the key dimensions and measures, change look and feel of the desired views or the entire dashboard, apply filters to fetch customized insights.

Access and Share Actionable Insights Anywhere on Any Device

Avail your insightful data visualization from anywhere on any device (desktop/ mobile/tablet). Collaborate with every team across the organization by easily sharing a business story or exporting it into many formats (like XLV, CSV, PDF or PPT) for internal or external circulation in one go.

Make Smart Decisions with Quick Insights

NLP driven

Integration with R: Get enhanced visualization using the R Scripting component that brings predictive insights into your business data.

Data Visualization Components

Calculated Measures: Design your calculated measures to enrich your data source and introduce new perceptions to gain data insights

Auto Date Drill

Filter Panel: Apply various ‘Local’ (view level) and ‘Global’ (story level) filters for altered visual insights

Measure Filters

Alert Centre: Get email notification alerts for each new update to get instant data

Business Story Features

Self Service BI

Drag and drop interface for creating interactive business insights.

Data Update
Real Time Data Update

Pull streaming data to get real-time data updates for your Business Story.

Natural Language Querying (NLQ)

NLP enabled AI driven ‘Search’ to explore data through text or voice command.

User Experience
Seamless User Experience

Responsive HTML5 web technology to precisely deploy views on any device- desktop/ tablet/ mobile.

Share & Collaborate
Share & Collaborate

Save and share reports across the organization on row-level or access level.


Export the intuitive ad-hoc reports in various pixel-perfect formats.

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