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A data pipeline architecture is mainly applied to improve the targeted functionality of data in business intelligence or analytics software. Business organizations can gain meaningful data insights into real-time trends and information as data pipelines deliver data in chunks, through suitable formats, designed for specified organizational needs. 

Data Pipeline Architecture

Data pipeline is an event based serverless architecture, deployed on the Kubernetes cluster and Kafka based communication to handle real-time and batch data. Gain seamless insights into a massive amount of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Support your decisions with advanced Machine Learning Algorithms and Visualization techniques, all in one go.
Read More > BDB Data Pipeline is a platform that can be used to automate the End-to-End movement and transformation of data. With BDB Data Pipeline, you can define data-driven workflows in order to get appealing insights and visualization for better decision making. Read Less

Avail Effortless Data Ingestion, Transformation & Loading

Data may be continuous or asynchronous, real-time or batched or both. Data may be ranging from UI activities, logs, performance events, sensor data, emails, social media to organizational documents, our Lambda architecture saves users from the nitty-gritty of data interaction and facilitates smooth data ingestion. BDB Data Pipeline supports basic and advanced level data transformations through in-built components and integrated Data Preparation scripts to enhance data insight discovery.
Read More > Data Pipeline stores each ingested data element with a unique identifier tagged with a set of extended metadata tags which can be queried for further data analysis. It has a combination of cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid software applications such as S3, HDFS, ES, JDBC and Cassandra data writers to store the processed data or pass it on for interactive visualization. Read Less

Seamless Integration with Other Modules

BDB Data Pipeline is a web service that can be used to automate the end-to-end movement and transformation of data. Create data-driven workflows to get appealing insights and visualization for better decision making.
Read More >
-> Embed any ML or analytics models from the BDB Predictive Workbench implanting advanced analytics on the collated data.
-> Consume Data Preparation scripts from the BDB Data Preparation modules for faster data processing and cleaning.
-> Write the final output of data in data service or data store to visualize the processed data through governed dashboards (BDB Dashboard Designer) or interactive self-service BI reports (BDB Business Story). Read Less

Pipeline Features

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Runs on Kubernetes container and Provides easy scalability and fault tolerance

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Build using Kafka for event management and streaming, and Apache Spark for distributed data processing

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Supports batch wise and streaming (real-time) computation processes

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Seamless integration with Data preparation and Predictive Workbench.

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Ability to run custom scripts (E.g., Python, SSH, and Perl)

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Logging and monitoring facilities

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Drag and drop panel to configure and build desired Data Pipeline workflows

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Create Custom Components as per your business requirement

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